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Send hand-arranged and hand-delivered fresher flowers by your local expert florist.

Sympathy- Specialty Designs - by Kitty's and Family Florist Inc.

American Eagle & Flag [CUAMEREAGLE]
Police Shield [PoliceShield]
Lighthouse [Lighthouse]

Aquarium [Aquarium]
Yankee Cap [Yankee Cap]
2 Dogs [2 Dogs]

Jordan 23 [Jordan 23]
American Spray [American Spray]
Anchor [Anchor]

Anchor with Buoy [Anchor with Buoy]
Angel in Grotto [Angel in Grotto]
Basket with Statue [Basket with Statue]

Bingo Card [Bingo Card]
Cat Casket Spray [Cat Casket Spray]
Chocolate Chip Cookie [Chocolate Chip Cookie]

Dump Truck [Dump Truck]
Drum [Drum]
FDNY Helmet [FDNY Helet]

Harley Davidson [Harley Davidson]
Yankee Logo [Yankee Logo]
USPS Truck [USPS Truck]

Large Urn 1 [Large Urn 1]
Large Urn 2 [Large Urn 2]
Tootsie Roll [Tootsie Roll]

Telephone [Telephone]
Sewing Machine [Sewing Machine]
Spongebob Squarepants [Spongebob Squarepants]

Sports- Balls [Sports- Balls]
Sony Camera [Sony Camera]
High Heel Shoe [High Heel Shoe]

Leopard High Heel [Leopard High Heel]
Scrabble [Scrabble]
Queen of Hearts [Queen of Hearts ]

Puppy [Puppy]
Golf Bag [Golf Bag]
High Heel [High Heel ]

Broadway Playbill [Playbill]
Broadway Playbill 2 [Playbill 2]
Island [Island]

Large Urn All Roses [Large Urn 3]
NYPD Detective Shield [NYPD Detective Shield]
Pink Butterfly [Butterfly]

Pepsi [Pepsi]
Tennis Racket [Tennis Racket]
Nascar [Nascar]

Marathon [Marathon]
Lion [Lion]
Hound Dog [Hound Dog]

Jet Ski [Jet Ski]
Life Preserver [Life Preserver]
Johnny Walker [Johnny Walker]

NY Rangers [NY Rangers]
Bleeding Heart with Rose Break [Bleeding Heart White]
Elks Club Logo [Elks]

Martini Glass [Martini]
Bear Specialty Piece [Bear]
Lobster Specialty Piece [Lobster]

Smiley Face Specialty Piece [Smiley]
Bowling Specialty Piece [Bowling]
Thomas the Train [Specialty]

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